Chaplain Dr Joluwaseyi A. Joseph
Commander General
Harpazo Chaplain Corps Intl, Inc.

Commandant Speech

Harpazo Chaplain Corps International Approved by: Federal Ministry of Justice of Nigeria & Nigeria Prisons Services (Lagos Command). Associated with: International Federation of Christian Chaplains, USA.

HCCI is a Chaplain organization meant to carry out humanitarian services. (All Information contained herein is the organization bylaw, not the Memorandum & Article of Association). Our major goal is to alleviate human suffering and support the poorest of the poor, by sharing in our own little way. We can be helpful during emergency or crisis of any type to help the sick and injured ones, hospitalization or medical treatments to perform burial rights or ministers when death is unavoidable, to join people in marriage, to minister at ceremony, counseling & prayer support, reaching rural communities, compliment armed forces services.

The only way we can do all the above is through your generous love and support. Thus, Your support is needed.

What the Support will be disbursed on:

* Recruiting and Equipping of chaplain officers for humanitarian services anywhere needed
* Support the family of the deployed chaplain officers
* Provide ministry and Education Support materials
* Provide emergency relief aid
* Provide basic needs such as: food, water, clothes, shelter, kitchen utensils
* Give medical aids
* Provide scholarship to deserving student
* Provide every facilities that will accelerate humanitarian services delivery
* To run seminar , conference and crusade.
* To acquire vehicles to ease carriage of relief aids to the needy

* To give your support, kindly call or e-mail to:





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Approved by: Nigeria Ministry of Justice Full Details here

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