Rules & Regulations


Areas covered includes:

Hospitals, Schools, communities, Prison, Churches, Disaster/Accident Victims Environmental sanitation service/ Health service, other forces and government establishment, youth development, Displaced People, Religious setting and corporate companies, etc.

1.ICCA/HCCI officers shall report law defaulters / criminals and hand them over to the law enforcement agent for prosecution, as this will enhance community peace policing.

2.ICCA/HCCI officer may carry out observation on criminal issues and report accused person to the nearest law enforcement agents (Police Force)

3.ICCA/HCCI being an academy and a Christian body shall have all their materials used only by commissioned members and others meant for cadets, not non members.

4.ICCA/HCCI is set to train the mind with morals, impart the brain with focus and equip the body with strength.

ICCA/HCCI member shall not use weapon of any kind at any time, but have the right to defend himself legally against accusation/challenges.

5.ICCA/HCCI shall compliment all regular forces on duty.

6.ICCA/HCCI member can carry out humanitarian services, because we are priest of God to Mankind.

7.Each member service will determine promotion, under which promotional course must be taken.

8.New Rank or promotion cannot be given any existing member until after 10 months of membership competence, except on special occasion.

9.Despite the uniform and Ranks member shall remain humble and law abiding.

10.ICCA/HCCI member shall remain a “COUNSELOR” and a “PEACE MAKER”.

11.No member is indispensable, the President / Director of International Relations have the sole authority to rescind or enhance any ICCA/HCCI membership or position.

12.The President/Director of International Relation shall remain the overall head.

13.Discipline and Respect is mandated of all members, the chains of Hierarchy must be adhered to strictly, and defaulters shall be dealt with accordingly.

14.Anyone crossing from another chaplain body must be submissive to ICCA/HCCI rules, regulation, standard and must work as commanded.

15. The headquarters decide the Ranks of every individual member.

16. No member or appointed member is permitted to reproduce any ICCA/HCCI materials except by permission.

17. Any member found violating the rules and regulation of ICCA/HCCI shall be dealt with according to ICCA/HCCI rules.

18. Member with no educational background will be tested and start with the Rank of LEADING CHAPLAIN. However, those with handwork experience may be considered for higher rank after a specified course of study.

19. Any one converting from other body shall be ranked after reviewing his/her previous rank and education status from the former Chaplain body.

20.ICCA/HCCI shall commission all new cadet with equal rank, and later promote due and worthy commissioned chaplains after promotion Training.

21. Education qualification alone shall not determine members’ promotion but individual service to humanity.

22. Age minimum is 18 years old while age maximum will be based on health and strength.

23. All members must know and accept that the fact that two or more people were enlisted, trained and commission at a given day, does not qualify equal promotion.

24. Ones any individual member is departing, there must be a written note to that effect. But if none is submitted the President shall take action after 21 working days.

25.ICCA/HCCI shall source its fund from interested donors, corporate bodies and organization.

26.ICCA/HCCI will not tolerate complacency from any member, and all forms of inadequate dress shall be disciplined.

27.Call for service must be obeyed.

28.ICCA/HCCI member must not wear long hair and beard must be cut always (male), and women must be modest in their hairstyle.

29. Any member, officer or appointed member caught with falsified document shall be dismissed.

30. Any appointed member found not doing or consistently absent from duty post service due to negligence, disobedience, bad attitude and other unruly behaviour shall be relieved of his office immediately by the GOC recommendation.

31. No officer shall bear false witness for any reason and if any is found guilty he/she shall face the wroth of law.

32.ICCA/HCCI Potential and power of warfare is THE BIBLE, The word of God.

33. There shall be annual consultation for all member, while executive and board of directors shall hold quarterly consultation.

34. All eligible cadets must meet all requirements before commission will take effect.

35.ICCA/HCCI shall organize seminars, conference, crusade and relevant activities in Nigeria and other parts of the world.

36. All lecturers, Staffs and Student must wear their training kit on training and study days.

37. Working Uniform is our regular wear with black color boot and it is compulsory for all members. (Top White Short Sleeve Shirt and Navy blue Trouser black belt and the divisional beret).

38. There shall be no reason at any point in time that any ICCA/HCCI Member will use the listed privileges: ID Card, Certificate and Uniform to extort, threaten, usurp authority, cheat or oppress any member of the public, rather member shall render selfless and nonprofit services to the people.

39. All ICCA/HCCI member must obey the rules of law and the constitution of any country where they reside, but by the virtue of priesthood member shall not compromise the ordinances of God.

40. All ICCA/HCCI representatives both in the National & International shall be Headquarters officer/staffs.

41. Individual member shall choose one of the ICCA/HCCI areas of function where he /she will belong and serve, yet can still function in other area when necessary. More so,

both classroom Lecture and Drill will be involved in training.

42. During ICCA/HCCI annual consultation; the President will declare the fiscal years budget means to generate fund and how to expend it.

43. Every financial crime shall be reported to EFCC & ICPC by the H/Q order.

44.ICCA/HCCI shall defend its right and that of individual member against any opposition, accusation and other charges.

45. All member of the trustee shall adhere to the chain of command and respect superiors in all ramification despite been a trustee.

46. All appointed officers must report their departure from duty post before embarking on any journey, failure will attract suspensions.

47. All appointed officer must report any change in address or phone number on time to the secretary.

48. No appointed member / officer is allow to act the duty or sign for any other appointed officer except by permission or at the President’s order.

49. All member / officer must be obedient and pay effective compliment to the immediate superior and other superiors, failure to comply would result in been demoted.

50. Any member trustee or other officer whose application is not endorsed by the president has no guarantee of membership.

51. Judgment will be based on written, unwritten and biblical rule via a set panel on the consent of the President / C.G.

52. Honourary commission charges shall be use to argument the President’s office, and state offices including other official needs.

53. All trustees must be present at regular ICCA/HCCI commission, except other -wise decided by the board.

54. Conversion charge shall be use to argument the Headquarters’ office domestic projects.

55. Ones a trustee or a national officer keep declining invitation for meeting on three executive times and it is noticed that he is trying to leave the Chaplain Corp and in an unruly manner refuse to tender a letter of resignation of appointment then shall the President annul both his membership and appointment after 21 days counting from the third meeting of which such trustee officer is absent.

56. If reason for absenteeism on the first meeting is tendered to the secretary who will forward it to the President for review, such trustees may be accepted.

57. If excuse for absention is found not genuine or discovered, to be out of Indulgence, disobedient, pride against superior within trustee and other unruly act, such trustee officer shall be suspended and if the other trustee board found the chaplain guilty, such membership and appointment may be annulled.

58. Being that the President/Commander General Promulgated these rule and regulation (by law) The President shall not be held bound but be committed to the effective execution of the rule and regulation (by law).

59. Any trustee member / officer or other officer in ICCA/HCCI that refute, decline or disobeyed the order / command of the Commander General shall face the wrath of the Chaplain Corp rules and regulations.

60. It shall take 3 months before any new appointed officer’s office be effective counting from the day appointment is announcement.

61. Although ICCA/HCCI officer may not prosecute law defaulters / criminals, but officers & BOD that defaults the rule and regulation of ICCA/HCCI shall be prosecuted by the rules & regulation of ICCA/HCCI.

62. A copy of every written letter by any appointed officer of ICCA/HCCI must be submitted to the headquarter office, and the reply must be copied headquarters but if decline, such letter may not be honoured and it will be reported to appropriate quarters for necessary prosecution.

63. Any officer (trustee or appointed officer) that collect any gift. Money or materials on behalf of HCCI & ICCA which is meant for the HCCN & ICA but keep or use it for himself shall be prosecuted by the rules and regulation of HCCI & ICCA and later be handed over to the law enforcement agent for proper investigation and legal prosecution.

64. Any member/officer or trustee who indulges in fetish means shall be disqualified from membership after in house after investigation confirmation.


65. The President shall give the final endorsement for disbursement of HCCI & ICCA fund.

66. LOYALTY Volunteer’s loyalty shall be to the nation of Nigeria and other nations of the world found present , not to any individual or group, be it political, culture, ethnic or religious.

67. CORRUPTION A Volunteer shall be ready to expose all forms of illegal act and corruption which might come to his knowledge.

68. BRIBERY A Volunteer must not offer or accept bribes.

69. BEHAVIOUR A Volunteer must be well behaviour in and out of the corps activities and must be properly dress at all times.

70. ASSIGNMENT A Volunteer shall carry out all lawful duties assigned to him unless he is prevented by ill health in which case he shall present a health certificate issued by a qualified medical officer.

71. COMPLIMENTS A Volunteers shall pay due compliments to his superiors both on duty or off duty and also do same to other superior officers in all Armed forces, Police and Voluntary organization.

72. IDENTITY A Volunteer shall carry on him his identity card at all times.

73. INSTRUCTION -LAST ORDER A Volunteer must always obey the last lawful instruction of a superior without reference to existing opposing instructions.

74. UNAUTHORIZED DUTY A Volunteer shall not under any circumstances carry out any unauthorized duty.

75. POLITENESS A Volunteer shall be polite and civil at all time in the discharge of his assignments.

76. ABSENTEEISM A Volunteer who absent himself for three consecutive times from official meetings without excuse in writing breaches this code and shall be discipline.

77. INSIGNIAS /DECORATIONS A Volunteer shall obtain his appropriate insignias/decorations from the National Headquarters in Lagos through State Administrator

78. TRANSFER OF INSIGNIAS / DECORATIONS No Volunteer shall transfer his insignias /decorations unless through official directives.

79. UNAUTHORIZED WEARING OF INSIGNIAS / DECORATIONS No Volunteer shall wear insignias / decorations to which he is not entitle officially.

80. BEARD A Volunteer shall not wear beard except on medical grounds.

81. COOPERATION IN EMERGENCY A Volunteer shall, during emergency, cooperate with and if necessary, takes advice from law enforcing agencies (Police and Armed Forces) and Fire Brigades at the scene of emergencies. Full cooperation shall also be given to all other social and welfare bodies in combating public emergencies.

82. NATIONAL DIRECTIVES It shall be the duty and responsibility of a Volunteer to treat any circular and document especially from the National Headquarters as CONFIDENTIAL and should be treated and referred to as National Directives of the Chaplain corps.

83. SURRENDER OF IDENTITY A Volunteer shall be ready to surrender his identity card on demand by a superior officer when the situation warrants such a demand.

84. EATING IN PUBLIC A Volunteer in uniform shall remove his beret or cap before drinking or eating in public, Smoking is prohibited

85. FIGHTING A Volunteer in uniform shall not fight or engage in open confrontation either in words or deeds when on or off duty.

86. DRUNKENNESS a Volunteer in uniform, while on social or official duty, or in a mess, shall not be found to be drunk of alcohol or any other intoxicant. Meanwhile alcoholic is prohibited.

87. GAMBLING A Volunteer when in uniform or not shall not enter and take part in gambling or casinos.


88. Punishment shall be awarded by respective disciplinary Committees at their discretion and according to the rate of the contravention of any of the provisions of the code conduct of Chaplain Corps.

89.Any Volunteer who feels dissatisfies with the decision of his state disciplinary committee shall retain the right to appeal through the commandant to the Commander General disciplinary committee whose decision shall be final except reversed by a court of law.


90.When a number of Volunteers hold the same post, seniority shall be determined by the date of attainment of that post by each Volunteer.

91. Any Volunteer charged with a criminal offence in a court of law shall stand suspended until he is cleared of such a charge. He shall then be required to submit to the disciplinary committee a record of judgment from the court confirming his acquittal or discharge.

92. When in difficulty, whether on or off duty, every Volunteer has a right to contact the nearest officer of the corps in that zone or the nearest police station for assistance.

93. Any Volunteer, when in trouble with a police officer while on an assignment, shall have the right to contact the headquarters or the nearest division of the corps for assistance.

94. When a Volunteer is being punished as a result of violation of any provision of the code of conduct, he shall be obliged to surrender his lanyard, beret, cap and his identity card and or uniforms to the divisional officer or higher officer and the volunteer shall cease to participant in all activities of the corps for the period of the punishment.

95. Provisions shall be made for every volunteer to possess a copy of the code of conduct of the corps as pleading ignorance of the rules and regulation shall not be accepted as an excuse.

96. This constitution and code of conduct shall be subject to amendment from time to time as the case may arise.

During his Traditional annual zonal visits, it shall be the sole prerogative of the Commander General to award promotions up to the rank of Group Commander at his own discretion and without consultation with promotion committees

97.Promotions in the National or State set up shall not be automatic neither shall such promotions be determined by length of service ONLY. Present ranks held by Volunteer shall not constitute a deterrent to their promotions as they be equally considered according to their in-put hard work capability and devotion to duty jointly in line with their length of service and seniority.

98.As there is a clear-cut distinction between rank and office held, any volunteer irrespective of his rank shall in no way be deterred from holding office for which he is considered capable and competent to hold. He shall however continue to retain his present rank until he shall be duly promoted by the appropriate promotion committee.

99.The corp is strictly non-political and is prohibited from furthering the objective of any particular political party; nor may a corp member, as such, lend his support to individual candidates in local or Government elections.

100.Corp badges are protected by law and unauthorized persons are not entitled to wear them. Any misuse of the corps badge notice by members of the corps should immediately be reported to Headquarters. All badges, buttons, Crest and gorgets patches are the property of the Chaplain Corps, however purchased in event of any member resigning from the corp., all badges, buttons, beret, belt and gorget patches most be return to the unit who will return it to the administrator and not latter than 7 days be return to the headquarters

101.Uniform, in accordance with the Dress regulations issued from time to time, will be worn by all ranks. All badges, buttons and other materials will be in accordance with the sealed patterns of the chaplain corps from the headquarters in Lagos.

102.ICCA/HCCI shall operate via the most convenient political zones in all the countries.

103.Headquarters shall produce and disseminate working kit, Chaplain tag, and other commissioning materials.

104.Empty certificates, ID card and other document shall not be given any officer/ appointee on behalf of any intake.

105. Being an NGO corps this body does not pay salary to any member, but we give available opportunity to hardworking members.

106. Irrespective of age, all officers must pay adequate complement to superior officer.

107. Despite members were commissioned and or converted, they will be adopted by ICCA, there credentials will be evaluated before academic and membership credentials be issued.

108. Arguing and or declining orders from a superior is a Prosecutable offence.


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