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International Chaplain Corps Academy

Official Affiliate of Harvestime International Institute. Member: Association of Independent Christian Colleges and Seminaries, USA). Associated with: The Crown Theological Seminary of New England Inc. USA. (Govt Accredited Institution)

The vision of the Academy is to be the foremost institutions for producing first rate graduates in Chaplaincy, Theology and Humanitarian Services. Who combine godliness and education excellence with a story sense of ethical responsibility towards the development of the society at large?

The mission is to provide high quality, morally sound and socially relevant education in the most – effective manner to all its students irrespective of gender, race, colour, ethnicity or religion. The Academy will develop, promote and be run as a unique institution with the following distinctive features:

i. Unquestionable morality;

ii. Vocational and apprenticeship orientation towards the full employment of its products; and

iii. A workshop programme of activities to instill research habit and self reliance in students

The Academy is conceived as a center of learning and research of distinction; combining academic excellence with love of humanity, borne out of a God-fearing attitude, in accordance with the Accrediting and Affiliate bodies tradition of ethical behaviour, social responsibility and democratic ethnos. The guiding philosophy of the Academy is
“Train The Mind, Realise Your Potentials”.

The Motto

The Motto of the Academy is “Train The Mind, Realise Your Potentials”. This emphasizes the importance of the Academy attaches to the attainment of achievement imbued with Training in all its programmes.

The Logo
The focal points of the logo are the standing doves, which represent light, life and presence of God. The Anchor represents the unending and unbroken determination circle of knowledge impart by Training the Mind, with the Academy’s influence. The basement with green grass, a dominant foliage of the world rain forest belt used for celebration. God’s gracious provision for mankind. The Eagle represent our strength to carry on and living no stone unturned.

Applications are welcome from suitable qualified candidates for admission into International Chaplain Corps Academy degree programmes. Download our form online and send your information to :, soon you will be replied.

Mode of Application
a. Application forms may be obtained by hand, by post upon the presentation of a non – refundable application fee of N3,000 payable to:



(submit the bank teller along with the application).

b. Candidate must indicate names and addresses at the back of the bank teller.

c. Each request for application form by post must be accompanied by a worthy prize stamp and self addressed envelope.

Requirement for Application

All Candidates are requested to submit their application forms with the following:

a. Photocopies of all relevant Credentials

b. Two Stamped Self Addressed envelopes

c. Photocopy of receipts of International Chaplain Corps Academy Admission forms

d. Two Passports Photographs

e. Four Credits including English.

The Right Choice

Degree, Diploma & Certificates

Chaplaincy :a) Healthcare :b ) Prison Ministry :c) Hospice :d) Disaster

Theology, Mission, & Ministry.

Internationally recognized qualification

Highest Level of Personal Attention

Excellent Support Services

Books: ( Curriculum)

Books By: IAEC through Lt Bob (ret)

Ethics in Chaplaincy

Pastoral Counseling in Chaplaincy

Biblical View of the Military Profession in Chaplaincy view.

Intro to Chaplaincy
Advanced Issues in Chaplaincy

Paul A. Yates, D. Min., PhD
Jesus Loves You

I. Overview being a Chaplain
II. Examining five major fields in Chaplaincy

1. Law Enforcement
2. Nursing Homes / Long Term Care Facility
3. Hospital
4. Industrial/Occupational workplace
5. Prison/Jail
6. Community ( HIV, AIDS, Gang activity, Family issues)

III. Examining issues most commonly addressed by Chaplains.

1. Pain and Suffering
2. Grief
3. Stress- the common denominator
4. Effects of stress
5. Managing stress
6. Police stress

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